New Storage Facility: SRS (USA) or Jülich?

web_Tom-at-FZJFrom SRS Watch:
The German group „Aktionsbündnis STOP Westcastor“ features news on the SRS Watch trip in July to the Juelich site, where spent fuel is stored that some want to dump on SRS.
Thanks for your partnership in opposing shipment of the spent fuel -stored in CASTOR casks- from Juelich to SRS or the Ahaus storage site! A new storage facility needs to be constructed at Juelich.
The proposal to bring the AVR graphite spent fuel balls to SRS would mean that a storage facility would have to be built at SRS, especially if reprocessing of the spent fuel doesn’t go forward or is halted mid-way. Who will pay for that facility, which is reported to cost 210 million Euros? Where is the environmental impact statement on its construction? Why go to the trouble and expense to ship the spent fuel to SRS when the facility could just be built at Juelich? If the spent fuel were dumped at SRS and placed in storage, what’s the long-term disposal plan? (Hint: there isn’t any plan as SRS isn’t a high-level waste disposal site.) DOE owes the public some answers!  (Text: SRS WATCH)

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